AMCAP | Association of Media and Communication Academic Professionals

Working Groups

AMCAP's working groups serve as pivotal platforms, bringing together esteemed academicians from across the globe to discuss and learn from one another in the context of media education in Pakistan. Commencing in 2019 with a focus on addressing challenges and seizing opportunities in media education, each subsequent year has witnessed a deep dive into diverse themes. From probing new media challenges and ethical issues to navigating conflict communication, our Working Groups have covered a spectrum of crucial topics. In 2020, the discourse expanded to explore the impact of media on socioeconomic progress and social justice, featuring specialized sessions on CPEC, gender equality portrayal, and the role of ICTs. Subsequent years have seen thought-provoking discussions on character building, well-being, pedagogies, and the evolving landscapes of digital ecologies in media research. Each Working Group marks a chapter in our collective commitment to advancing media education, offering a tapestry of insights that contribute to the dynamic evolution of our academic landscape. 


Working Group 2023: 

Learning from Pedagogies: Practices and Possibilities in Media Education held at University of the Punjab, Lahore.

Working Group 2022: 

Character Building and Well-being in (media) Education: What is the Way Forward? held at University of Okara, Okara.

Working Group 2021: 

Media Education and Research in Digital Ecologies: What is the Way Forward for Academia? held at Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi.

Working Group 2020:

Media's Impact on Socioeconomic Progress and Social Justice held at Bahria University Karachi Campus, Karachi.

Working Groups 2019:

Media Education: Addressing Challenges and Seizing Opportunities held at SZABIST, Islamabad.