AMCAP | Association of Media and Communication Academic Professionals

Doctoral Spring School 2022

Host: University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

Organizer: Association of Media & Communication Academic Professionals (AMCAP)

Dates: Feb 06 - Feb 13, 2022


The 3rd AMCAP Doctoral Spring School in 2022, hosted by the University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan, focused on the theme "Contemporary Research Debates in Media and Communication," with the objective of enhancing the structure and content of Communication and Media Studies' PhD research projects in collaboration with the Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC), the Department of Journalism, School of Communication Studies at the University of the Punjab, and the International Association of Media and Communication Research (IAMCR). Organized under the AMCAP Doctoral Spring School program, the event brought together foreign and Pakistani academics to provide targeted support to young scholars through PhD feedback panels, workshops, lectures, and panel discussions. With a focus on the emerging digital environment, the school offered a supportive international setting for doctoral students to present their work, engage in diverse activities, and receive personalized feedback from both foreign and Pakistani academicians. The 8-day program included more than 40 sessions, featuring lectures, workshops, media dialogues, panel discussions, presentations, one-on-one sessions, and guidance on scholarships and funding. With the participation of resource persons from the United States, Czech Republic, Germany, Turkey, and Sweden, as well as contributions from various Pakistani universities, the school attracted 30 participants and observers, fostering a dynamic environment for academic growth and international networking. Five scholarships were also awarded to the deserving candidates purely based on merit.


  Names Lectures and Workshops






Prof. Dr. Nico Carpentier





  • Poster Workshop
  • Lecture on Discourse Theory
  • Lecture on Participation Theory
  • Lecture on Arts-based Research & Comm Studies
  • Panel Discussion
  • One-on-One Session






Dr. Jeffery Wimmer




  • Workshop on Media Repertoire Research
  • Lecture on The Impact of Augmented and Virtual reality on Society
  • Workshop on Qualitative Data Analysis 
  • One-on-One Session






Prof. Professor Burton Lee Artz



  • Lecture on Interdisciplinary Research: Historical Material Views
  • Lecture on Media & Politics in Post-Truth Culture
  • Workshop on Global Themes in Entertainment Media





Dr. Arzu Kihtir



  • Lecture on Importance of media Education in terms of Media Literacy
  • One-on-One Session




Prof. Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt


  • Workshop on Auto-Ethnography 
  • Workshop on Outlining as a strategy for Academic writing




Dr. Ali Hussain


  • Lecture on Research Methods for Mental Health Communication




Dr. Saadia Ishtiaq Nauman


  • Lecture on Logically Linking  Literature Review & Method
  • Panel Discussion on Scholarships and Project Funding





Dr. Syed Hassan Raza



  • Workshop on Quantitative Research in Comm: Devopment of Theoretical Models & Validating Using Co-Variance Based Structural Equational Modelling




Dr. Shafiq Kamboh


  • Lecture on Science Journalism
  • Lecture on Planning & Proposing Research Argument




Dr. Firasat Jabeen


  • Lecture on Planning & Proposing Research Argument




Dr. Ahmad Usman


  • Workshop on The Qualitative Debate: Philosophical Foundations, Planning, & Designing, Data Collection & Analysis




Dr. Saima Ghazal


  • Workshop on Linking Hypothesis with Analysis 
  • Workshop on Linking Hypothesis with Design




Mr. Farahat Ali


  • Workshop on Using NVIVO for Literature Review 
  • Workshop on Literature Searching Techniques