AMCAP | Association of Media and Communication Academic Professionals

Doctoral School Format

AMCAP Doctoral Spring School includes:

Student Feedback Panels

At the commencement of the Spring School, each participant is instructed to develop a poster and presentation elucidating their research project. These materials are subsequently utilized during their presentations in the student feedback panels. Within these sessions, participants articulate their research projects and are subjected to structured, multi-faceted, and constructive feedback on their work from both AMCAP Spring School staff and fellow participants. The guidance provided by distinguished professors facilitates participants in discerning issues within their research, enhancing the caliber of their academic endeavors, and kindling continued interest in research pursuits.



Keynote Lectures

Throughout the Spring School, leading scholars in various fields of communication and media studies deliver insightful lectures. These lectures provide a comprehensive overview of a specific field or theme, enriching the academic experience of the attendees.



Research Skills Workshops

A diverse range of interactive workshops are ‎meticulously designed to offer practical examples and guidance for real-world ‎research scenarios and challenges.‎



Student Group Projects

Participants are organized into small teams, taking into consideration their research areas and methodological backgrounds. Professors are then strategically assigned to these student teams based on their expertise in relevant topics and methodologies. Through a combination of in-class and off-class group work, participants not only gain insights into effective collaboration within an academic setting but also benefit from increased opportunities for engagement with professors.



Interaction with Media Industry

Dialogues with media experts representing various media organizations are scheduled as part of the AMCAP Spring School. Some of these sessions take place directly at the media organization's site, providing participants and observers with the opportunity to firsthand witness media operations in action.



Panel Discussion on International Careers

Participants and observers regularly engage in discussions with the international team of professors regarding academic careers in international universities during the AMCAP Spring School.



Networking and Publishing Opportunities

The AMCAP Spring School is designed to offer a nurturing international environment for Pakistani PhD students. Participants have the chance to receive feedback from international experts hailing from various countries, fostering valuable connections for the future. Additionally, students are provided with the opportunity to publish their research work in AMCAP journals following a thorough peer-review process.