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Media Education

The inception of a dedicated Media Education Section within AMCAP signifies a pivotal stride, addressing the growing imperative to reform media education in Pakistan. Currently, the state of media education in the country necessitates comprehensive modernization and innovation. This specialized division will champion this cause by fostering academic research, enhancing curricula, and promoting innovative pedagogical methods within the realm of media education. The primary goal is to establish a hub that not only propels academic excellence but also ensures that media education aligns with the dynamic demands of the industry and global benchmarks. Through collaborative research efforts, curriculum enhancements, and educational advocacy, the Media Education Section will empower educators and students alike, actively reshaping the landscape of media education in Pakistan. This endeavor reflects AMCAP's steadfast commitment to academic growth and the promotion of responsible media practices.

Section Chair

Saleem ABBAS | Assistant Professor | PhD (IUB) Post Doctorate (USA) |  Forman Christian College, Lahore | Department of Mass Communication |  Research profile

Dr. Saleem Abbas

Assistant Professor


Department of Mass Communication 

Forman Christian College University, Lahore


Topics this section may include:

  • The role of media literacy in fostering critical thinking and civic engagement among students

  • The challenges and opportunities of integrating media production and consumption into the curriculum across disciplines

  • The ethical and legal implications of using media sources and platforms in academic research and communication

  • The impact of media convergence and digital transformation on the pedagogical practices and learning outcomes of university educators and learners

  • The best practices and strategies for developing media skills and competencies among university students and staff


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