AMCAP | Association of Media and Communication Academic Professionals

President's Message

One of the ways in which Allah has manifested His blessings is by giving human beings the ability to think, speak and take actions. We have seen that in the past, whenever human beings used this blessing wisely, humanity as a whole benefitted. What is required today is to make conscious right choices with collective wisdom and collective actions. 

AMCAP has been established with the same vision.

Bushra Rahman - President AMCAP

AMCAP believes that a collaborative and integrated approach is  essential in improving media education. It is well-recognized by membership response for AMCAP from academic fraternity, where we now have membership from more than thirty universities and colleges in Pakistan. I thank our members for their support. I encourage them to take an active role in building AMCAP platform through their involvement in current projects as well as coming up with new initiatives. 

Dr. Bushra Hameed ur Rahman 


President AMCAP 

Head of the Department of Journalism Studies

School of Communication Studies, University of the Punjab, Lahore 

Editor, Journal of Media Studies (JMS)