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Gender & Media


This section holds immense significance as it delves into the intricate relationship between media and gender, examining how media representations, and practices influence and reflect societal norms and gender identities.

The Media and Gender Section will serve as a focal point for rigorous academic research, scholarly discussions, and knowledge dissemination in this domain. It will explore topics such as gender portrayals in media, the representation of gender minorities, the role of media in reinforcing or challenging gender stereotypes, and the impact of media on gender equality and social change. It aligns with AMCAP's core mission of academic growth and the promotion of responsible media practices, particularly in the context of gender and diversity.

Section Chair

Samia MANZOOR | PhD | Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan | BZU |  Department of Mass Communication | Research profile

Dr. Samia Manzoor

Assistant Professor

Institute of Media and Communication Studies

Bahauddin Zakariya University,


Topics this section may include:

  • Analyzing how media represents different genders and the impact of these representations on society.

  • Exploring how gender interacts with other identities such as race, sexuality, and class in media.

  • Investigating how media can reinforce or challenge traditional gender stereotypes.

  • Examining the portrayal of gender-based violence in media and its impact on public perceptions.

  • Exploring feminist perspectives on media content, production, and representation.

  • Promoting media literacy to empower individuals to critically engage with media content from a gender perspective.


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