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Visual Communication


AMCAP's introduction of a dedicated Visual Communication Section signifies the recognition of the central role visual communication plays in the contemporary era. Communication studies equip media professionals with critical analytical tools, enriching content with substantial evidence. Visual communication possesses its distinctive vocabulary and semiotics; without a firm grasp of these principles and elements, one cannot decipher its language. In the modern world, Visual Communication raises several pressing questions, with three primary aspects drawing particular inquiry: 

  1. How does Visual Communication influence cultural ‎transformation?‎

  2. How does technology's swift evolution necessitate ‎the use of visual language?‎

  3. In what manner does Visual Communication ‎construct narratives for mass audiences?‎ 

Section Chair

Syed M. Raza Zaidi

Syed Muhammad Raza Zaidi

Associate Professor

School of Creative Arts

The University of Lahore, Lahore

The fundamental objectives of this section are as follows:

  1. Equip individuals with the competencies demanded by the contemporary digital landscape.

  2. Promote the ability to read, communicate, and create content through the medium of visual communication.

  3. Encourage the creation of distinctive semiotics and expressions within visual content.

  4. Enable individuals to craft their own content in visual communication as a narrative tool.

This initiative will contribute to nurturing a generation of media practitioners well-versed in the language of visuals and adept at harnessing its power in the digital age.

Topics this section may include:

  • Visual memory and relativity of color philosophy 

  • Visual appreciation: Film screening and description within the visual language  

  • Visual analysis: An exercise how to read an image through semiotics and metaphors.

  • Visual Narrative: Exploring the narrative techniques used in visual communication and how they engage mass audiences.

  • Interactivity of Visual: a philosophical debate of visuals in current digital age and technology.


We encourage all the AMCAP members to participate for our future activities/projects that are related to communication competencies to meet the new challenges and influence the emerging opportunities for innovation to bring social and behavioural change in the society.