AMCAP | Association of Media and Communication Academic Professionals

Doctoral Spring School 2021

Host: Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Organizer: Association of Media & Communication Academic Professionals (AMCAP)

Dates: Feb 28 - March 8, 2020


The 2nd AMCAP Doctoral Spring School 2021, hosted by Fatima Jinnah Women University in collaboration with the Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) and the International Association of Media and Communication Research (IAMCR), focused on enhancing the structure and content of Communication and Media Studies Ph.D. research projects in Pakistan. Conducted over a period of nine days, the program provided a valuable opportunity for Ph.D. candidates and M-Phil students to refine their research skills under the guidance of faculty members from diverse international backgrounds, including Canada, the United Kingdom, the USA, Sweden, Qatar, Egypt, and the Czech Republic. With the participation of 31 individuals, seven of whom received scholarships, the event emphasized global collaboration and knowledge exchange, marking a significant effort by AMCAP to contribute to the academic development of scholars in the field of Communication and Media Studies in Pakistan.


  Names Lectures and Workshops






 Prof. Dr. Nico Carpentier





  • Lecture on Discourse Theory
  • Lecture on Participation Theory
  • Workshop on Abstract Writing for International Conferences
  • Poster Workshop
  • One-on-One Sessions
  • Panel Discussion on Scholarships and Project Funding





Dr. Fatma Elzahraa



  • Lecture on Social Media and Humanitarian Crisis
  • Workshop on Data Analysis
  • One-on-One Sessions







Dr. Vaia Doudaki 





  • Lecture on Community Media as Spaces of Participation and Inclusion
  • Street Papers: Hosting the Voices of the Invisible
  • Workshop on Presenting Research Project and Formulating Research Questions
  • One-on-One Sessions





Dr. Eddy Borges-Rey



  • Lectures on Network Analysis of Data Power in the UK
  • Lecture on Data Journalism
  • Lecture on Automation






Dr. Murat Akser



  • Lecture on New Audiences in the Age of Streaming Media
  • Workshop on Key Steps in Identifying and Publishing in High Impact Academic Journals




Dr. François Cooren


  • Lecture on Action and Agency




Dr. Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt


  • Lecture on Auto-Ethnography





Dr. Tobias Denskus



  • Lecture on Researching International Development: From Extractive Approaches to Decolonizing Methodologies




Professor Burton Lee Artz


  • Lecture on Media Framing and Cultural Hegemony




Dr. Ahmad Usman 


  • Philosophical Foundations, Planning, and Designing Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis




Dr. Saadia Ishtiaq Nauman


  • Lecture on Linking Literature with Research Questions




Dr. Shabbir Hussain


  • Lecture on Peace Journalism




Dr. Ahmed Usmani


  • Workshop on Qualitative Debate: Planning and Designing Data Collection Analysis




Dr. Firasat Jabeen


  • Workshop on Issues in (Re)presentation and Lecture on Reimagining Orientalism in Pakistan: Media Perspective




Dr. Saima Ghazal


  • Workshop on Linking Hypothesis with Analysis and Linking Hypothesis with Design




Dr. Zafar Iqbal


  • Lecture on Islamophobia



Prof Dr. Bushra Hameedur Rahman

  • Lecture on Approaches to Critical Discourse Analysis