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Science Communication

The introduction of a dedicated Science Communication Section within AMCAP represents a crucial step in recognizing the paramount importance of bridging the gap between science and the public. Science communication is the practice of translating complex scientific concepts into accessible and engaging narratives for the general public. Currently, the status of science communication in Pakistan reflects a pressing need for development. This section is of immense significance as it addresses the imperative to enhance public understanding of science, foster a scientific culture, and facilitate the dissemination of scientific knowledge.

The Science Communication Section will actively engage in research endeavors, curriculum development, and educational advocacy in this domain. By doing so, it seeks to empower both the scientific community and the public with the tools and resources necessary to navigate the intricate landscape of scientific information. This initiative will promote informed decision-making, encourage scientific literacy, and inspire a new generation of science enthusiasts. Through collaborative efforts with educators, researchers, and policymakers, the section aspires to elevate the status of science communication in Pakistan, aligning with AMCAP's core commitment to academic excellence and responsible media practices.

Section Chair

Saadia Ishtiaq Nauman - Lecturer - Fatima JinnahWomwn ...

Dr. Saadia Ishtiaq Nauman

Assistant Professor


Department of Communication and

Media Studies 

FJWU, Rawalpindi


Topics this section may include:

  • Exploring the core principles of effective science communication, including audience engagement, message clarity, and ethical considerations.

  • Addressing the challenges and strategies involved in making scientific concepts accessible and engaging for a broader audience.

  • Understanding the role of visual elements, such as infographics and data visualization, in conveying scientific information.

  • Analyzing the portrayal of science in various forms of media and the responsibility of accurate reporting.

  • Exploring the use of social platforms to engage with the public and disseminate scientific knowledge.


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