Association of Media & Communication Academic Professionals

The Association of Media and Communication Academic Professionals (AMCAP) has originated through collective efforts of dedicated communication scholars, who have envisioned to gather media and communication academic professionals of Pakistan under one umbrella and making an association of them.

Transcending Ideas

Media education should be a deliberate effort to bring about an organic relation between the individual and the society to which he or she belongs, and this can be achieved through an orderly transmission of the collective experience of the social mind from generation to generation. For this, foundations have been laid out years ago by Allama Muhammad Iqbal and his school of thought. By following those foundations we can go far beyond acquiring a balance between modern ideas and the character of our culture, and actually arrive at a clear perception of a transcendent unity between the two.

Message of the President

The AMCAP team believes that a collaborative and integrated approach is essential in improving media education both as an academic discipline and as a practical field. Recognition that this was the need of our industry was exemplified by initial membership response from the fraternity, where we now have more than a hundred members. I take this opportunity to thank all our members for their support and encourage them to take an active role in building the AMCAP platform through their involvement in current projects as well as coming up with new initiatives. I also invite you to enroll yourself as resource persons, experts in your field, and be part of the  AMCAP resource team.

We are confident that coming years will be productive and fruitful for collaborative media research and education. 2020 will begin with AMCAP-BUKC International Media Conference titled, ‘Role of Media in Poverty Alleviation and Social Justice’ on February 24 – 25, 2020 in collaboration with Bahria University, Karachi Campus.

President AMCAP : Dr. Bushra Hameed-ur-Rahman

Upcoming Events

Role of Media in Poverty Alleviation and Social Justice - AMCAP-BUKC 2020 International Conference
(February 24-25, 2020)
AMCAP Doctoral Spring School 2020 Supported by the ECREA, SuSo
(Feb 28 - March 8, 2020)

AMCAP is a platform to nurture your academic potential.


It will enhance your networking with media/ mass communication/ journalism academicians at national and international level.


You can get your research papers published in AMCAP journals and your academic ideas will be executed through AMCAP forum.


AMCAP will provide trainings to enhance your teaching, research and professional skills.

Liason between Media Industry and Education

We strive to bridge the gaps between media education and media industry.