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AMCAP Webinars

1. AMCAP Webinar on "Literature Review for Academic Research: Compiling and Synthesizing" held on July 20, 2020

Resource Persons:
(1). Dr. Saadia Ishtiaq Nauman (PhD University of Stirling, UK)
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Learning Outcomes:
▪ Understanding of the existing research debates relevant to the area of study.
▪ Compilation of literature review.
▪ Logical linking of literature review with research questions, methodology and analysis
▪ Embedding of theory in literature review.
▪ Writing Literature review in research report and paper.

2. AMCAP International Webinar on "Essentials of Theory and Practice of Data Journalism." August 10, 2020

Resource Persons:
(1). Dr. Eddy Borges-Rey, PhD (University of Malaga, Spain), Associate Professor, Northwestern University, Qatar
(2). Mr. Waqas Naeem, MA Journalism (University of Missouri, USA), Program Manager, Media Matters for Democracy
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Learning Outcomes:
▪What is data journalism?
▪Theoretical approaches to data journalism
▪An overview of researches conducted in data journalism in different parts of the world
▪Data Journalism for practicing journalists
▪Opportunities and challenges for data journalism practice
▪Status of data journalism in Pakistan
3. AMCAP International Webinar on "Political Economy of Digital Media: Challenges and New trends" held on September 10, 2020
Resource Person:
Professor Garaham Murdock, Loughborough University, London
Professor Dr. Bushra Hameedur Rahman
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Professor Graham Murdock is a leading scholar who developed the concept of Political Economy of Communication along with other pioneers in the field. Political Economy is an essential concept to understand the structure of mass media system for its development, operations, economies and power.
Professor Murdock has authored/ edited 25 books on a wide range of topics of communication and media studies. His writings are translated into 21 languages. He remained member of editorial boards of more than 2 dozen English and foreign language international research journals. He has delivered more than 70 keynote speeches in national and international conferences in UK and overseas. Professor Murdock has been visiting professor in the universities around the world.
Learning Outcomes:
▪Understanding political economy approach for research
▪Role of political economy in digital media ecology
▪Emerging trends in political economy of media and communication.
▪Theoretical and methodological challenges to political economy for digital media
▪Political economy’s significance in addressing the questions raised by digital media evolution
4. AMCAP International Webinar on "Political Economy of Digital Media: Challenges and New trends" held on September 10, 2020
Resource Person:
Dr. François Cooren, from University de Montreal
Professor Dr. Saadia Ishtiaq Nauman
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