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Academia Media Liaison (AML)

Academia Media Liaison (AML) is a proud initiative of Association of Media and Communication Academic Professionals (AMCAP) to establish a meaningful collaboration between media academics and media practitioners to strengthen and support each other. The project aims to redefine the relationship between academia and media practitioners in Pakistan, creating a synergy that propels the industry forward while fortifying the foundations of ethical and impactful journalism in Pakistan. This also facilitates a collaborative environment fostering a sense of shared responsibility and cooperation between academia and media practitioners.  

Our focus extends beyond dialogue to actionable initiatives. The liaison is based on regular roundtables, workshops, training sessions and seminars. Academic institutions play a crucial role by conducting research to understand the specific information needs of media practitioners and offering targeted training programs. Collaborations with press clubs in Pakistan further enhance this exchange of expertise.


  1. Cultivate an ecosystem where media practitioners feel supported by ‎academic institutions.‎
  2. Generate actionable solutions through interactive sessions that resonate ‎with the day-to-day realities of media practitioners and making them part ‎of academic curriculum (if and where necessary).
  3. Developing a roadmap for sustained engagement and support from academia to media practitioners.