Journal of Emerging Social Scientists

AMCAP Journal of Emerging Social Scientists (AMCAP-JESS) is an online double-blind peer-reviewed journal. It aims to publish original research papers written by undergraduate, graduate students, Ph.D. scholars and early career researchers. AMCAP-JESS strives to create a space for emerging scholars from Pakistan and around the world to collaborate with the international community. Broadly, this journal is expected to serve as a bridge for emerging scholars’ professional networking within and outside Pakistan.

AMCAP-JESS aims to promote emerging scholarship in a multidisciplinary perspective to create knowledge from ground up. It provides an opportunity to integrate scholarship from various disciplines of social sciences to foster new ideas, approaches, and methodologies in creating knowledge. Writing for publication is one of the most significant means of academic enculturation for graduate students. AMCAP-JESS aims to prepare early career researchers and scholars to the process and potential challenges of publication.

Journal of Media and Communication Studies

AMCAP Journal of Media and Communication Studies (AMCAP-JMCS) is an online-double-blind-peer-reviewed journal which is based on the philosophy of applying theoretical perspectives to find new explanations and alternatives in the field of Media and Communication. Its objective is to encourage scholars to examine contributions in media theories and research from local perspectives. Emerging media ecosystems and patterns pose new challenges in the field of media and communication which necessitate investigation and interpretation. AMCAP-JMCS aims to bring into conversation the diverse perspectives of the academic community around the globe to promote a more collaborative exploration of the ever-changing media ecosystems. AMCAP-JMCS seeks empirical and conceptual papers that push the conversations in the field of media and communications further by extending the implications of current findings and exploring alternative frameworks. It is open to the work of scholars from all fields working on any aspect of Media and Communication.