AMCAP foundation is laid by a team of highly dedicated, honest and visionary academicians whose aim is to provide a platform where media/ mass communication/ journalism academicians could synergize their intellectual abilities to harness and utilize the communication potential for the progress of humanity.

AMCAP team is led by a well-known and dedicated mentor Dr. Bushra Hameed ur Rahman.

Governing Body

Dr. Bushra Hameedur Rehman


Dr. Abida Ashraf

Vice President

Mr. Fahad Mahmood

General Secretary

Dr. Zaeem Yasin

Finance Secretary

Dr. Shazia Saeed

Dr. Sumera Batool

Dr. Ayesha Ishfaq

Ms. Sabahat Afsheen

In a constantly changing environment of today, the use of technology was a very important part, but we need to use different and more efficient. In recent years, technological advances have created a dramatic difference in the education system. There was a time when everything was handled manually. Now, another set of techniques rather than the system adopted document. Schools, institutions and other organizations have high expectations to win, if they can use the progress in the right way.

When we passed the latest developments in schools with the early 90s to compare, we see a drastic change. We are fully equipped and now one day the major functional areas such as central planning, cost, management, planning and maintenance of student records are completely dependent on IT resources, and mainframe migration of other platforms. Physics tutor on the choose your personal physics tutor.

Activities with a power-efficient are completely dependent on technology professionals. There was a time when managed care was known to be a difficult and people lose track, however, the mainframe, it was an anguish minute job. Anyone can place the data, update to the latest requirements. Tools such as word processing, spreadsheets, publishing tools, e-mail and the Web increases efficiency and reduces many man-hours. Schools should be more like other businesses, with emphasis on resources for routine tasks to stay in business for a long time to achieve.

Technology also plays an important role in improving school productivity and decision making. It helps to measure the results of the general development and may also have some areas of concern, take a look at. E-learning opportunities provide students the opportunity to core academic content with almost equal efficiency to understand. Schools can provide a variety of skills, students, and can also save time and money.

In recent years, schools have worked really hard to adapt new ways of technology. But a life – it can also be a great challenge. The pace of school improvement across the country has improved and less the same positive indications can be found in the near future.

Digital tools are essential for major efforts to improve the school. Technology increases student engagement, but not limited to the part of the training. Like other organizations trying to support the process of introducing new technologies complete could learn to come into play a number of factors, including technology for the design and usability. Some factors include the technique over the other potential users, and other use beyond the local context. In addition many researchers have identified the different stages and repeating patterns that shape the adoption process.