There is a need that media educators in Pakistan keep pace with the progress of modern ideas while retaining distinct character of their own culture and keep learning latest advancements in the field of mass communication, media and journalism. Therefore, considering these needs, mass communication educators and scholars must have a common forum of collective growth and opportunity in the world of contemporary media and communication studies.

The Association of Media and Communication Academic Professionals (AMCAP) has been founded to satiate these needs. It is an independent association to organize the media educational forces of Pakistani society into a central institution for this larger purpose where mutual exchange of knowledge will benefit all.

AMCAP is the initiative of ICS academicians who endeavored to bring all media and communication academic professionals to this venture by traveling through each corner of Pakistan and synergizing with media departments of all universities even located in most challenging parts of the country so that they all may join hands to put this Association into action and get equal opportunities of learning and sharing media education through this platform.

With this aim to pool resources from a broader spectrum and bestowing them ultimate educational benefits, ICS invites all academicians of public or private universities and colleges serving mass communication, communication studies, media studies, journalism, television and film institutes, departments and centers to be full time or visiting members of AMCAP.

Philosophy of AMCAP

Media education should be a deliberate effort to bring about an organic relation between the individual and the society to which he or she belongs, and this can be achieved through an orderly transmission of the collective experience of the social mind from generation to generation. For this, foundations have been laid out years ago by Allama Muhammad Iqbal and his school of thought. By following those foundations we can go far beyond acquiring a balance between modern ideas and the character of our culture, and actually arrive at a clear perception of a transcendent unity between the two.



  • AMCAP is a platform to nurture your academic potential.
  • It will enhance your networking with media/ mass communication/ journalism academicians at national and international level.
  • AMCAP will provide you opportunities to share your research ideas through national and international conferences, workshops, seminars and discussion forums.
  • You can get your research papers published in AMCAP journals.
  • Your academic ideas will be executed through AMCAP forum.
  • AMCAP will provide trainings to enhance your teaching, research and professional skills.
  • It will provide a platform to talk about ideas to meet the challenges in media education.
  • It will strive to bridge the gaps between media education and media industry.